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Uni Papua Football Community Profile

Football is No. 1 Passion Across Indonesia

Football is the key passion point for across Indonesia. 52% identify it as their biggest passion

(source: Nielsen Media)

Team devotion is identified as the main driver for Indonesian people watching soccer matches on TV Top international & local leagues including BPL, Serie A, La Liga, Indonesia Super League are available on FTA The impact of the huge exposure of soccer on TV and other media makes a lot of Indonesian children have dream of becoming the world class football players Soccer schools / Sekolah Sepak Bola (SSB) grow everywhere, including those affiliated with the top international club.

Uni Papua was established on November 8th, 2013. Uni Papua is a social organization and Non Governmental Organization with Social Sport Development category. At the moment Uni Papua has reached 1.500 children in Papua, performs in 14 locations around Papua, West Papua Provinces, Kupang and Sentul (Bogor) Uni Papua had privilege to receive Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Creative Sports Award 2014.


To provide a foundation and nurture youths and adolescents to be able to keep them from alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and other social problems.

Raise the standards of domestic football with current Uni Papua Football School curriculum combined with sport science & technological approach.

To develop and distributing players for professional football through well-defined youth development vision and strategic partners


A place to channel the talents, providing moral background of sportsmanship and teamwork to sharpen the ability to play football.

Further, for those who espier to have a career in football will have additional training and guidance.

Execute comprehensive and integrated football educational campaign which is done by activating all possible touch points.


Champions of Life The reinstatement of UNI PAPUA provides to the new generation a place and programs to succeed in life.
Coach phylosophy of UNI PAPUA FC
Champion : Champion Never Quit
Opportunity : Game is an Opportunity
Attitude : Sportive Attitude in every aspect of life
Commitment : Commitment in every game
Honour : Football is an honour

Through the game of football, we provide the opportunity to excel. To be a successful athletic requires dedication and teamwork. Further, only by proper health and habits can one succeed in game and life.