September 21st coincided with the commemoration of the International Day of Peace, Uni Papua FC officially held a Football for Peace Festival.

Taking place at GOR Sunter, Jakarta, Football for Peace was attended by guests and invited teams from various countries, especially from representatives of embassies of friendly countries in Indonesia.

Based on Press Release (PR) information received by our sister site, Football for Peace 2019 in Jakarta will be attended by 24 teams from 8 countries represented by diplomats from embassies of friendly countries and the international community in Jakarta  .

President of Uni Papua FC and all Embassy Representative

Slightly different from prevoiusly, the 3rd Football for Peace also organizing a coaching clinic which will be trained by 3 coaches from the United States (US), who were sent directly from international organizations for Coaches Across Continents (CAC) training.

The Football for Peace event was officially opened by representatives of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Expert Staff of Polhukam, Teuku Faizasyah was took the theme “Celebrating Peace Through Football (Celebrating Peace with Football).”

Support from one world project, represented by expert staff of Foreign Ministry

As we all know that Uni Papua FC consistently, until in the 3rd year the Football for Peace activity wants to realize the Peace Movement through Football.

Uni Papua FC expects the involvement of all parties who care and are committed to instilling the values ​​of humanity and peace in Indonesia and using Football as a tool of Unity and Peace.  (Author: Yul)

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